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Date: 14th May 2016
PTFE Graphite With Kevlar Fiber Packing
TENGLONG SEALING PRODUCTS MANUFACTORY,Website:http://www.tenglongsealings.com, YUYAO? ? ? ? ? YUYAO SUNPASS INTERNATIONALPTFE-GRAPHITE WITH KEVLAR FIBER PACKING1.Ptfe-graphite with kevlar fiber packing STYLE 6500G is highly-quality combination of PTFE with graphite incorporated yarn with corner of Kevlar fiber, to prevent gap extrusions within the high pressure and temperature range.2.Ptfe-graphite with kevlar fiber packing STYLE 6600G is made from pure 100% Dupont's Kevlar yarn incorporated with graphite Teflon GFO yarn throughout the sliding surface in alternated strips. Good sliding velocity and thermal conductivity. It was processed with high lubricant and impregnated PTFE emulsion.3.Ptfe-graphite with kevlar fiber packing STYLE 6500G/6600G is low friction, wear-resistant packing. Long service life due to good sliding properties, no gap extrusion.Application:1.Ptfe-graphite with kevlar fiber packing STYLE 6500G/6600G can be used in piston pumps, mixers, stirrers, reactors, for industrial and chemical process valves, paper mill good for high pressure applications.2.Ptfe-graphite with kevlar fiber packing STYLE 6500G/6600G is suitable for cold and hot water, oils, solvents, greases, diluted acids and lye, brine, sewage.Advantages:1.High pressure resistance2.Excellent heat conductivity3.High temperature rangeApplication Data: Pressure:?bar25500250Speed:?m/s203?PH?Range?2-12Temp.?-100?to?+260Density:?(g/cm?)1.40-1.45Size1/4"-2"6mm-50mmPackage(Per Spool)?Regular:3m, 8m, 1kg, 1 pound, 2.5kg, 2.5 pound, 5kg, 5 pound,10kg, 10 pound.Other packages are available on request
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