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Date: 14th May 2016
Kevlar Fiber Silicon Core Packing
TENGLONG SEALING PRODUCTS MANUFACTORY,Website:http://www.tenglongsealings.com, YUYAO? ? ? ? ? YUYAO SUNPASS INTERNATIONALKevlar Fiber Silicon Core PackingKevlar fiber silicone core packing STYLE 6700SC is combines a resilient silicone rubber core with the heat resistanted Dupont's Kevlar fiber. The elastic rubber core gives the packing better memory, allowing it to withstand radial shaft motion and vibration while maintaining excellent leakage control with minimal gland adjustments.Application:1.Rugged, easy to use and break-in, the STYLE 6700SC is designed for use in abrasive service applications such as agitators, blenders, mixers, washers, pulpersor any other applications that undergo shaft deflection in normal operating conditions.2.Kevlar fiber silicone core packing ?STYLE 6700SC is suitable for water, hydraulic fluids, oils, and most general services.Advantages:1. Rugged2. High heat resistance3.Can be used in abrasive service applicationsNot suitable for: Highly concentrated acids, caustic solutions, alkali metals, oxygen.Application Data:Pressure: bar30300300Speed: m/s1021.5PH Range2-12Temp.?-68 to +230Density: (g/cm?)1.4Size1/4"-2"6mm-50mmPackage(Per Spool)?Regular:3m, 8m, 1kg, 1 pound, 2.5kg, 2.5 pound, 5kg, 5 pound,10kg, 10 pound.Other packages are available on request
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