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Date: 12th May 2016
Carbonized Fiber PTFE Packing
TENGLONG SEALING PRODUCTS MANUFACTORY,Website:http://www.tenglongsealings.com, YUYAO? ? ? ? ? YUYAO SUNPASS INTERNATIONALCARBONIZED FIBER PTFE PACKING1.Carbonized fiber ptfe packing STYLE 5600 is made of carbonized poly arcylonitrile fiber and fininshed with PTFE dispersion and lubricant.2.Carbonized fiber ptfe packing STYLE 5600 is to seal water, brine, factory waste, salt solutions, weak acid, mineral oil,etc. For centrifugal pump, mixer, agitator, stern tube. etc. It is inert to almost all corrosive chemicals. It covers wide range of application, relatively economical among non-asbestos packing. It can replace PTFE asbestos packing within wide service range. An ideal packing for paper mill application.Application:1. Carbonized fiber ptfe packing STYLE 5600 can be used in pumps, agitators mixers and kneader centrifugal pumps, sliders, stirring equipment, valves, paper mill etc.2. Carbonized fiber ptfe packing STYLE 5600 is suitable for liquid and gaseous, acids, lye, solvents, adhesives, abrasive and crystalline media likesewage etc.Application Data:STYLE?5600 Pressure:?bar30100100Speed:?m/s252?PH?Range?2-12Temp.?Max.?+300Density:?(g/cm?)1.3Size1/8"-2"3mm-50mmSTYLE?5600W Pressure:?bar20100180Speed:?m/s22.83?PH?Range?2-12Temp.?-180?to?+260Density:?(g/cm?)1.35-1.40Size1/8"-2"3mm-50mmPackage(Per Spool)?Regular:3m, 8m, 1kg, 1 pound, 2.5kg, 2.5 pound, 5kg, 5 pound,10kg, 10 pound.Other packages are available on request
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