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Date: 12th May 2016
Carbon Packing With PTFE And Graphite
TENGLONG SEALING PRODUCTS MANUFACTORY,Website:http://www.tenglongsealings.com, YUYAO? ? ? ? ? YUYAO SUNPASS INTERNATIONALCARBON PACKING WITH PTFE AND GRAPHITE IMPREGNATEDCarbon packing with ptfe and graphite impregnated STYLE 6900HG braided from high carbon continuous yarns after softening, impregnated with proprietary lubricants and graphite partickes, which fill woids, act as a break-in lubricant, and block leakage.STYLE 6900HG used for pumps or valves in high pressure and high temperature.Application:1.Carbon packing with ptfe and graphite impregnated STYLE 6900HG can be used in pumps, boiler feed pumps, valves, mixers, refiners, etc. in many different industries likes pulp & paper, power stations, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.2.Carbon packing with ptfe and graphite impregnated STYLE 6900HG is suitable for early all media, cold and hot water, steam, chemicals, hot gases, alcohol, solvents, heat transfer agents, etc.Advantages:1. High pressure2.High temperature3.Suitable for all mediaNot suitable for:Highly concentrated corrosive acids.Application Data: Pressure:?bar30?300Speed:?m/s15??PH?Range?2-12Temp.?-40?to?+400Density:?(g/cm?)1.4Size1/8"-2"3mm-50mmPackage(Per Spool)?Regular:3m, 8m, 1kg, 1 pound, 2.5kg, 2.5 pound, 5kg, 5 pound,10kg, 10 pound.Other packages are available on request
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